So many new and exciting things are happening and in the works!

BIG NEWS: I just joined the band Black Dog Howlin, out of Duluth,MN. 

Good things to come y’all! 

I have a bunch of older songs that might never get professionally recorded or heard, so I decided to upload them to soundcloud. I write a lot and it's nice to just get them out somewhere. You can hear my dogs collar jingling in the background of a lot of the records. They were recorded on my phone throughout the years. I think there's something special of the very first recordings of a song and where it started. My songs are my diary and how I deal with life and my emotions. I hope y'all enjoy the behind the scenes, if you will, of my songwriting. Click on the cloud icon below to go to the tracks. 

Betty Danger Jammin her original song “Fucking Great” at 10K Brewing in Anoka Minnesota, August 18th 2020. This is the most sarcastic song she has ever written. She being I, Betty Danger. And...I’m still feeling fucking great!