Betty Danger (Real name Elizabeth Danger) is an Americana Singer-Songwriter from Minnesota.  You can find her playing music, Covers and Originals, at various venues around Minnesota.



Betty Danger is a bit of a mystery being that she has no professional recordings out yet for the public. At her shows you will find a passionate Singer who feels to the core what she sings. Making every cover her own and throwing in originals, Betty Danger lives in the moment at every show making that night uniquely its own.

  She has performed at various different venues such as breweries, farmers markets, house parties, weddings, and the common bar scene. 


 Betty Danger also does many various artistic things on the side such as: painting, drawing, knitting, etc.


I'm one of those people that rock the cliche, 'I live and breathe art,' because I truly love what I do: Music,writing, painting, drawing.....I'm always learning more and more everyday. The learning never stops and the passion keeps growing!”